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1 Ubiquinol - Enhances Cellular Activity
2 Omega 3 fatty Acids - Decreases inflammation of cells
3 L- Carnitine - Improves musculature
4 Lycopene - Prevents cell death

UBIQUINOL Improves energy liberation in cells
Antioxidants & Redox Signaling
Ubiquinol-10 Supplementation Activates Mitochondria Functions to Decelerate Senescence in Senescence-Accelerated Mice
Innovation and Conclusion: These results show that ubiquinol-10 may enhance mitochondrial activity by increasing levels of SIRT1, PGC-1a, and SIRT3 that slow the rate of age-related hearing loss and protect against the progression of aging and symptoms of age-related diseases. Antioxid. Redox Signal. 20, 2606-2620.

Effect of Liquid ubiquinol supplementation on glucose lipids and Antioxidant capacity in type 2 diabetes patients:a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled traial. In conclusion, oral intake of 100 mg/d liquid ubiquinol might benefit type 2 diabetes patients by increasing antioxidant enzyme activity levels, reducing HbA1c levels and maintaining HDL-cholesterol levels.

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UBIQUINOL Improves pulmonary functions
Biomedicine k Pharmacotherapy
Coenzyme Q10 attenuates lung and liver fibrosis via modulation of autophagy in methotrexate treated rat .
• CoQ10 had beneficial role in ameliorating liver 8( lung fibrosis in MTX treated rat.
• CoQ10 was able to modulate autophagy markers (mTOR, MAP1LC3B k p62/SQSTM).
• HMGB1 was decreased alongside its antioxidant effect in liver k lung tissue.
• CoQ10 improved histological features of liver k lung fibrosis.

UBIQUINOL Anti viral Effect
Coenzyme Q10 in acute influenza
We found that CoQ10 levels were significantly lower in patients with acute influenza infection and that these levels had significant although weak correlations with several inflammatory biomarkers.

UBIQUINOL Male fertility enhancer
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research : JCDR
JOUR Research & Publications Private Limited
Effect of Ubiquinol Therapy on Sperm Parameters and Serum Testosterone Levels in Oligoasthenozoospermic Infertile Men.
The total sperm motility was observed 26% (p<0.05) high after supplementations. Out of total motility, the quantity of rapidly motile sperm increased 41% (p<0.05). The number of sluggish motile sperm was decreased approximate 29% (p<0.05). The non motile sperm count was also decreased up to 55% (p<0.05).
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The testosterone level is maintained during the study and morphology of flagella of sperm has improved. The finding suggests that the supplementation of Ubiquinol may be beneficial for oligospermic patients.

UBIQUINOL Female fertility enhancer
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology
Pretreatment with coenzyme Q10 improves ovarian response and embryo quality in low-prognosis young women with decreased ovarian reserve: a randomized controlled trial.
Pretreatment with CoQ10 improves ovarian response to stimulation and embryological parameters in young women with poor ovarian reserve in IVF-ICSI cycles. Further work is required to determine whether there is an effect on clinical treatment endpoints.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids As potent Immune Modulator/ Anti inflammatory
Science Daily
Nothing fishy about it: Fish oil can boost the immune system
Sourcr : - Federation of American Societies for Ex-perimental Biology
Summary: - Fish oil rich in DHA and EPA is widely be-lieved to help prevent disease by reducing inflammation, but until now, scientists were not entirely sure about its immune enhancing effects. A new report helps provide clarity on this by showing that DHA-rich fish oil enhances B cell activity, a white blood cell, challenging the notion that fish oil is only immunosuppressive.
Fish oil rich in DHA and EPA is widely believed to help prevent disease by reducing inflammation, but until now, scientists were not entirely sure about its immune enhancing effects. A new report appearing in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, helps provide clarity on this by showing that DHA-rich fish oil enhances B cell activity, a white blood cell, challenging the notion that fish oil is only immunosuppressive. This dis-covery is important as it shows that fish oil does not necessarily reduce the overall im-mune response to lower inflammation, pos-sibly opening the doors for the use of fish oil among those with compromised immune systems.

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids As Anti Oxidant
International Journal of Preventive Medicine
The Effect of Omega-3 Supplements on Antioxidant Capacity in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
The mean difference of antioxidant capacity before and after intervention was significant (P < 0.001). Antioxidant capacity increased in the case group and reduced in the control group.

With regard to the results of the present study, patients with type 2 diabetes increase their antioxidant capacity, enhance their antioxidant defense system, and probably prevent diabetes complications and related disease progress by taking omega-3 supplements.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids as Neuronal regenerator
Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplementation Accelerates Nerve Regeneration and Prevents Neuropathic Pain Behavior in Mice
The data presented in this study suggest that CFO, a combination of the long chain (.I.)-3 PUFAs EPA and DHA alleviates pain hypersensitivity and promotes functional nerve recovery presenting a safe and efficacious alternative for prevention and treatment of peripheral nerve injury-induced NP.
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation for improving peripheral nerve health: protocol for a systematic review

L- Carnitine Muscle Replenisher
L-Carnitine Supplementation in Recovery after Exercise
adults further showed that L-carnitine intake can lead to increased muscle mass accompanied by a decrease in body weight and reduced physical and mental fatigue. Based on current animal studies, a role of L-carnitine in the prevention of age-associated muscle protein degradation and regulation of mitochondrial homeostasis is suggested.

L- Carnitine Improves Male fertility
Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine
Effects of L-carnitine and L-acetyl-carnitine on testicular sperm motility and chromatin quality
The results showed LC, LAC and PF significantly increased the sperm motility. However, sperm chromatin quality only improved significantly by administration of LC and LAC.
Conclusion: Administration of LC and LAC to the testicular sperm samples can lead to improve both sperm motility and chromatin quality. It may be because they can mimic in vivo sperm condition during late spermatogenesis.

Lycopene As Potent Anti-oxidant & Fertility Enhancer
Asian Journal of Andrology
Lycopene and male infertility
As demonstrated by the analyses of the various studies above, the only parameters that are conclusively improved with lycopene supplementation are: a decrease in lipid peroxidation and DNA damage, an increase in antioxidants and therefore general immunity, and improved sperm count and viability.

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Useful in
 » Pulmonary diseases specially COVID-19/ ILD/ - Lung Fibrosis/ Br Ashthma
 » Male and Female Infertility
 » Muscular Dystrophies
 » Dose; 1-2 capsules twice a day after meals.

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