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increases muscle power and activity

Building block for muscles

Omega -3 fatty acids:
decreses inflammation $increases regeneration of muscles and nerves

Potent Anti Oxidant prevents cell death

 » Muscular Dystrophies
 » Neurodegenerative disorders
 » Spinal cord injury
 » Cerebral stroke
 » Cerebral palsy
 » Mitochondrail diseases/myopathy

(Neuromuscular Regenerator)

Curr Drug targets.2010 jan,11(1):111-21.
Coenzyme Q10 in neuromuscular and neu rodegenerative discorders.
Mancuso M1,orsucci D,volpil,Calsolaro,siciliano G

CONCLUSION: These compounds could potentially play a role in the treatment of mitochodriL disorders,parkinson's Huntington's disease, amyotropic lateral sclerosis,Friedreich's ataxia, and other conditions which have been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

CREATINE,L-CArnitine and w3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation from healthy to diseased skeletal muscle
Giuseppe dantona,1 seyed mohammad nabavi,2piero micheletti,3 arianna di lorenzo 4 roberto Aquilani,5 enzo nisoli,6 mariangle rondanelli,7and maria Daglia4

CONCLUSION:- Besides an adequate diet,nutritional supplements could play an important role in the treatment of myopathic patients. here we review the most recent in vitro and in vivo studies investigating the role supplementation with creatine,L-carnitine ,and w3 pufas plays in myopathly treatment our results suggest that these dietary supplents could have benefical effects

RESULTS:- peopple with lower blood levels of omega 3 fatty acids had lower brain volumes that were equivalent to about two years of structural brain,''said study author Zaldy s tan MD,MPH,of the easton center for Alzheimer'sDisease research and the Division of Geriatrics,university of california at los angles.

Nutrients.2017 aug 9(8):883 published online 2017 aug 16 doi:10.3390/nu 9080883
INHIBITORY effect of lycopene on amyloid-B -induced Apoptosis in neuronal cells
CONCLUSION: this study supports the anti= apoptotic effect of lycopene and its underlying molecular mechanism in amyloid-b-stimulated human neuronal sh-sy5y cells .Lycopene inhibits apoptosis by reducing intracellular and mitochondrail ROS,and by inhibiting mithochondrial damage and NF-k b related
Nucling gene expression in amyloid-b-stimulated SH-SY5Y cells.Thereis no treatment that can reverse the progression of ALZHemier's .therefore ,lycopene has the potential to be developed as a netrient supplement for the the prevention of Ad clinicallys


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